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Top McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

    Top McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

    McDonald’s was excellent for children. The excellent PlayPlace was a great place to burn off some steam after a meal of chicken nuggets and fries, but the best part was the mementos. A fun toy was included in every Happy Meal box.

    15 Outstanding Happy Meal Toys from McDonald’s

    Milkshakes and cheeseburgers came and went, but Happy Meal toys remained, and every child remembers receiving an amazing item. Kids today receive novels and VR Happy Goggles instead of figurines, so we’re celebrating the greatest McDonald’s Happy Meal toys of all time.

    1. Cars from Happy Meal

    These were unusual toy cars. No, they had stickers of the golden arches that you could apply yourself, and they were shaped like popular menu items or the restaurant itself. Sweet!

    2. Inspector Gadget

    It was necessary to send various body parts and equipment individually for the insane Inspector. The only opponent you had was Dr. Claw.

    3.Little Furbies

    If you weren’t put off by the hideous, soulless appearance of regular-size Furbies, you carried around these tiny plastic replicas everywhere. They had button-activated ears, eyes, toes, and beaks but weren’t soft or chatty.

    4.Tamagotchi on a keychain

    This was the closest thing kids could come to a real Tamagotchi because their parents wouldn’t buy one (how cruel). The cute toys or games on the plastic egg keychains were absent from the digital pets.


    Epic Transformers with a culinary theme. Robots, dinosaurs, and other creatures can be created out of plastic McNugget boxes and ice cream cones.

    6. Skydancers

    Despite the quality of these toys, nobody watched the animated Sky Dancers series. The fairy dolls would spin and take to the air when you pulled on the cord. These struck the faces of numerous innocent siblings.

    7. Bath toys from the Muppet Treasure Island

    The Muppet Treasure Island rubber toys made bath time more enjoyable. Long after the kids had completed their Happy Meals, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Fozzie Bear drifted in bubbles.

    8. Disney cups

    Disney fans who wanted to show off needed these collector plastic cups. After viewing Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin on the side, why would you ever use an ordinary cup again?

    9.The cute cat

    The adorable Sanrio mascot was featured on the Happy Meal packaging along with a variety of stylish outfits and accessories. Some have intriguing features like a stamp and ink pad for DIY projects, while others are plush or plastic.

    10. Pokemon balls

    These plastic Pokéball keychains were even more well-liked than the cards since they could be opened to show a tiny Pokémon figurine. I’ve got to get them all! Anyone who could play cards?

    11. A collection of Disney masterpieces

    In this case, packing has value as well. Kids loved the Disney action figures that were included in the VHS case for the film, including Dumbo, Simba, and Princesses.

    12. Noodle Friends

    The closest thing to smoking marijuana was McNugget Buddies. They resemble Mr. Potato Head dolls in that they feature lovely faces and detachable accessories. Who knew a mummified chicken nugget could be so adorable? The Halloween editions were the finest.

    13. Mighty Ducks Pucks

    Bright hockey pucks with characters dressed in full ice gear were included in the animated series. Pick-up hockey matches became hip thanks to the plastic toys that resembled real pucks in size.

    14. Hot Wheels

    Receiving one of these toy vehicles and race tracks for free with lunch was like winning the lottery because every child wanted one. We were won over by the collection’s vivid hues, patterns, ambulances, and police cars.

    15. Tiny beanies

    We believe that the 1990s Beanie Baby craze contributed to a rise in McDonald’s sales. When compared to their larger counterparts, how adorable were the Beanie Babies?

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